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The intuitive and interactive tool for Real Estate that will change the way you present your project.

Touch, Look, and Feel. That's the essence of N/XT.
Discover and present your project with a selection of tools that explain your project in the fullest detail.

N/XT offers endless possibilities - with unique performances on both scale model and plot view.
From original viewpoints, seasons, day and nighttime to maps integration.
In high-end quality, fully interactive, and integrated animations, branded elements and data visualizations.

Parallel presents N/XT

A total new approach to how Real Estate developers, governments, architects, and other creators can present and indulge their clients about new developments, future building plans, and in-depth building details. From sun studies to animated visualizations and interactive floor slicers with rental and sales information to custom content that explains your project to its fullest potential.

Commercial by Film Agency

City and plot scales

Switch through several zoom levels to present your project on both urban and plot scales.
N/XT offers a standard of two scales but can be expanded into as many as your N/XT project requires.

Endless possibilities

Missing anything? We create custom content.


N/XT is available on three platforms, making the application available almost everywhere. Run N/XT on desktop and laptops, present your project on touchscreen TV's or bring the N/XT Go to your sales event.

Interactive presentations 55” - 86” screen

Make an impact and present your N/XT project to a larger audience on a big touchscreen.

Desktops / laptops

No touchscreen TV? No worries. N/XT works on desktops and laptops using your mouse and keyboard; Ideal for one-on-one presentations. All interactive functions remain the same.


Take N/XT to your sales event and amaze your potential buyers with a stunning furniture piece.
N/XT Go is equipped with a 43" touchscreen and integrated desktop. All you need is a power connection.

We offer to rent the N/XT Go for your event, or you can order a custom and branded N/XT Go that fits the identity of your project.

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